School Library Studies
RSL is a national leader in school library impact studies, working with national and statewide organizations to examine the changing aspects of school libraries from both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Our 2014 South Carolina work and the 2013 federally funded research in Pennsylvania study the perceptions that librarians, teachers and administrators have of each other, and how those perceived roles can affect a library’s impact on learning.

Project Evaluation
The groundbreaking Limitless Libraries partnership between Nashville Public Library and Metropolitan Nashville School District brought in RSL to provide feedback, resulting in an unprecedented level of data sharing. From 2012-14 we examined the program at a very granular level, including a detailed survey of the individual student user. This is just the most recent example, RSL can design evaluation studies appropriate for your program.

Grant Proposals
The RSL team is available to research funding sources and as proposal writers. Team members have worked on proposals with Limitless Libraries (Nashville), Anythink Libraries (Adams County, CO) as well as other state and federal government agency proposals.

Training / Focus Groups / Facilitation
Need a seminar? We can help you tell your stories with statistics so they’re more than just dry numbers. Need a facilitator to help large and varied groups work through planning issues? Call on RSL.


RSL Research can give your business or startup the market research and competitor understanding essential to your growth and success. Forget generic profiles and canned product templates, RSL can provide a sharper focus on the emerging technology landscape, hidden competitor strategies and capabilities, and key product differentiators.

RSL Research has more than fifteen years of diverse experience in defense, aerospace, telecom, and high tech competitive intelligence and market research that can give you that winning edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Examples of CI Projects Completed:

For a client developing a product, targeting the outdoor gear market:    Identified international and domestic competitors, important suppliers, and provided biographies of key targets within each company and their customer alliances prior to an important trade show.

For a client interested in potential local strategies by an international competitor:    Identified their local representatives, their real estate holdings, and tax payments before any business had publicly taken place.

For a client trying to license a new niche sports product:    After thoroughly surveying the existing market in both the US and internationally, RSL created and maintained an intellectual property and market awareness alerting system to bolster ongoing negotiations with updates of any key movements.